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12 January 2013

Largish Doily

I'm working on a thread doily for my cousin to use in her upcoming June wedding. She has opted to use several doilies for her reception tables, and I LOVE the idea.

She selected this pattern. The site is a little obnoxious to me and requires registration, but I haven't received emails from them since I first signed up.

I initially used size 10 thread with a size 5 steel hook, but it was a little too loose, as seen in this photo. I started over with a size 7 hook and got much better results.

I took a pretty good break over the Christmas season, at which point I was gifted a few Jo-Anne gift cards, and I treated myself to a very nice set of steel hooks. The good news is that the hooks are comfy and high-quality; the bad news is that they don't include size 5 or 7. I went with a 6 and had no trouble.

 Here are a few photos of progress. I'll make a few more notes about construction when it's finished.

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