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24 October 2011

Ribbed Picot Keyhole Scarf for Toddler

This is the first pattern I've posted online.  Please let me know if you find errors, and feel free to post any modifications you make in the comments section.

This pattern is my sole property.  You may print it for purposes of making the project, but you may not sell or repost this pattern.  Items made from this pattern are for personal use or may be used as gifts or sold for charity.

YARN: Bernat Cottontots, Green
HOOK: I, 5.5 mm
Pattern uses US terminology.

Note: All hdc worked into back loops only.

Ch 91.
Row 1: hdc into back ridge of 3rd ch (counts as first hdc),  hdc into back ridge of each ch.
Row 2: ch 2, turn (counts as first hdc here and throughout pattern).  Working in back loops only, hdc in each  
Row 3: Ch 2, turn.  hdc in next 20 st, ch 5, sk next 5 st, hdc in remainder of row.
Row 4: Ch 2, turn.  hdc in each st.
Row 5: Ch 2, turn, hdc in each st.

EDGING: ch 3, join with sl st at base of ch (picot made).  3 sl st along edge, picot, 3 sl st around scarf.  Finish off.

NOTE: The pink version pictured here is modified for better staying power.  I found that a single keyhole isn't necessarily enough to keep the scarf on an active child, so I worked the scarf with 2 keyholes.  It is widened to 8 rows, with keyholes placed in the 3rd and 6th rows.  The keyholes are still 5ch wide.  The woven look is attractive, and the scarf stays in place much better.

This pattern is easily modified for length and width.  For one keyhole, ensure that you work an odd number of rows, and place the keyhole in the center row. For two keyholes, simply ensure that the two holes are evenly spaced. The width and placement of the keyhole may be need to be modified as the size of the scarf is changed.


  1. I love this!!!

    I am part owner of a free crochet pattern directory. and I would LOVE it if you would come and link your pattern from our site! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely pattern for free!

  2. Pretty... I am planning to make this for my daughter soon :)

  3. I love this design and want to make it for my sister. She is about 5'2" (petite) I was wondering how long/how many rows to make it. (i'm somewhat new to crochet and am not good at figuring these things out yet :/)

  4. Hi, Ashley!

    This is one of those projects that's GREAT to learn on because figuring out modifications helps you understand the craft better. I have a few hints below, but sometimes the best way to learn is to try something out and see if it works.

    Judging from my adult scarves, I would estimate that you'd want it to be 48-54" long. You can drape yarn around your neck (or your sister's, if it's not a surprise) to figure out how long you want it to be. Then just make your starting chain that long.

    Determining how many rows to do really depends on your yarn and gauge. I am not a fan of wide scarves, so I would probably stick to the pattern with 8 rows and 2 keyholes or jump to 10 rows with keyholes in the 3rd and 8th rows.

    Keep in mind that if you widen the scarf, the keyholes might need to widen by a stitch or two. Also, a longer scarf will have a totally different keyhole placement. Again, draping the scarf around your neck after the first few rows will help you find how much length you need on either side of the keyholes. I can't give you precise stitch counts because it all depends on the size of the scarf you're making.

    I know that's all very vague, but I hope it helps!

  5. Thanks! That actually helps a lot. I do have one last question for you; about where should the keyholes be placed? Collarbone, breasts, or under breasts?


    P.S. This is a surprise for my sister who lives a couple states over. The one I am currently working on is a practice one, I am going to buy a softer, better quality yarn for the real one :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, I was able to whip one up in about 30 min! I think it actually it would work for me, so I'm concerned it might be a bit big for the little girl I made it for, but I can always just decrease the original foundation row by doing less chains.

  7. I love this pattern! I was linked here from a finished project someone posted in a FB crochet group, and now I want to make a scarf just like this one. You did an incredible job.

  8. Worked this up last in Red Heart Blacklight variegated yarn and worked the picot edging in black. Done in about two hours, twice the length of the toddler pattern. LOVE it!! Thanks for posting it!

  9. I have a question...I want to make this pattern with the second keyhole for my kids. With this size scarf you made, where did you place the second keyhole? Is it still the same amount of stitches away as the first one or are they offset?

  10. Could you please provide an e-mail address? I have a question & don't want to post it here in the comments. Thank you.

  11. My grandmother was from England it was belted suits and coats so why not a belted type scarf. She made many like this and we all loved them.A glance at memories and Thank-You for sharing.

  12. Do you work all of the remaining half double crochets in the back stitch? I noticed that the second row notes back stitch but none of the other rows.

    1. I know you posted a long time ago, I hope you found your answer. If not, I looked at the photo and all the hdc are in the back loops. See how the stitches alternate to look in and out? :)

  13. A great pattern and good idea with 2 keyholes. Just finished one tonight and about to start a 2nd. Thank you for sharing this free pattern.