This blog contains posts about both original designs and items I've made based on others' patterns. Any patterns posted here are my original work and are my sole property. They may be printed for personal use but may not be copied or reposted. Items are intended for personal use, gifts, or sale for charity.

21 February 2013

Table Topper in Thread

This year's item for a school auction is a round pineapple table topper.  This one is worked in size 10 thread, so it is significantly larger than the one in the pattern.  There's not much to say, except that it's a logical pattern that I enjoyed working, particularly after the center section. (For some reason, I like to work pineapples; I'm not sure why.) It took me about a month to finish it.

Here are some photos of it while it's blocking.

And here is the final product.  I am very pleased with this piece. I think it's elegant, and I hope it fetches a good price at auction.

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